Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I think I gotta go with my gut feeling on this one....I won't ever forgive myself if I don't get this hairstyle on Friday. I have an appointment when I go back home to SD...so if I don't get it dont ever talk to me again....jk just tell me im an idiot please. hahaha....and yah I've thought about it boys won't get it....but whatever style is style....and this is one sick as hairstyle!!!!!!!!!

And im pretty sure its a sign that I have this shirt too and she has this hairstyle...coincidence...I THINK NOT.

I NEEED this hairstyle.

I NEEED this hairstyle. by Trendy&Tipsy on Polyvore.com

Into the Mystery

Well well well

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Holiday Party Outfits

This is my last week of Christmas break and I am reminiscing on all my cute outfits I put together for holiday parties. I am kinda bummed I am going to be going back to school where these outfits won't fit in with the keggers and theme parties I am going to be attending...but there is always next year!