Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Little Black Dress

So I'm flying back to SD tonight for Thanksgiving and I couldn't be happier!!!!!!! Can't wait to stuff my face with delecious food, see all my best friends, enjoy some cocktails, and spend time with my family! But now that its officially the Holiday season you must find your Little Black Dress that you can dress down or dress up for all the different occasions coming your way! Here are a few L.B.D. that I think would do just the trick this Winter! :)


L.B.D. by Trendy&Tipsy featuring vintage style dresses

Blackout Batwing Dress
$70 - shopnastygal.com
Scoopneck dress »

Ruffle prom dress
199 GBP - karenmillen.com
Strapless evening dress »

Glass of Bubbly Dress
$242 - modcloth.com
Bubble dress »

Brette Velvet Dress
$198 - shopnastygal.com
Velvet dress »

Ebony Lace Wallpaper
$198 - anthropologie.com

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mean Girls Drinking Game!

Found some awesome rules for Mean Girls drinking game and added in my own too. I fucking love mean girls so enjoy with a bottle of wine...some beer...or a mixed drink. Or if u wanna really get crazyy get some shots...but maybe only follow a few of these ruless haha. ENJOY LADIES.

Here are the rules: FIRST OFF GET THE MOVIE....thennnnn

Drink 1 whenever:
-There is a "jungle madness" thing
- Cady talks about Africa or the animal world
- The burn book is pictured or mentioned
- The word fetch is said.
- The "Plastics" are mentioned as a group
- Every time Coach Carr is shown
- When Regina says anything mean about someone
-They allude to Janice being a lesbian (even if she cuts them off)
-They mention being hit by a bus, or almost get hit by a bus, or get hit by a bus.
-There is a 3-way (or 4-way) calling attack
-Cady does something mean to Regina
- "Too gay to function" is brought up
- When the word Mathleates is said...or math in general

Drink a significant amount....
- When Cady mom says "You Love Lady Smith Black Mambazo"
- When Cady puts the tribal vases under the sink and when they are discovered by her mom
- When Jason says "Take your top off"
- Jingle Bell Rock Dance
-When "The Girls Have Gone Wild!"
- "She Doesn't Even Go Here" is said.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Osha Nights

What a lovely girls night out I had last Saturday. Started my night at Osha Thai Restraunt and Bar on Union St. At first I was bummed we didn't get reservations for Beetlenut across the street, but damn this place is goood! I highly recommend it!

I got my new favorite drink...Hott Pink( Skyy Vodka, X rated Vodka, lime juice, and fresh chili)
And look how cool the atmosphere is....LOVE IT.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Recent Inspirations!

Jeffrey Campbell Lita
$154 - lorisshoes.com
Booties shoes »

Square brass bracelet
$100 - theoutnet.com
Brass jewelry »

Iosselliani Cocktail Ring
$450 - cultstatus.com.au
Leaf rings »

Top - Lips Print T-Shirt
89 GBP - paulsmith.co.uk

Thursday, November 11, 2010

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Who Owns My Heart

My song of the day or should I say song of the month has been Who Owns My Heart by Miley Cyrus. With the song playing this outfit was my inspiration...very sexy yet chic! ENJOY :)