Wednesday, February 1, 2012


As dumb as some people may think this shirt is...I absolutely LOVE IT. Maybe its the fact I love making people feel uncomfortable when I text/type/say Howdy to them instead of saying HI, so I can only imagine what my friends will think/say when I'm wearing a shirt saying it... So Thank you Wildfox for making such an amazing shirt and thanks to Nastygal and Planet Blue for letting me have the opportunity to buy the shirt...the only downside...$60 for it? hummm ill have to think about that one. But I absolutely love the pairings of the shirt with the cute ruffled shorts, ripped high-waisted shorts, and the skinny jeans! Oh and how cute are those Fringe Jeffrey Campbell booties in the last picture?...I may have to invest in those as well....Say adios to my my saved Christmas money$.


  1. woooow your blog is amazing my dear!!!!
    i really like your style and your total looks

    keep posting you go girl!!


  2. I think it's great! Cheeky fashion is the best - especially if you paired it with really tailored pieces.

    Thanks for reading our blog!