Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mean Girls Drinking Game!

Found some awesome rules for Mean Girls drinking game and added in my own too. I fucking love mean girls so enjoy with a bottle of wine...some beer...or a mixed drink. Or if u wanna really get crazyy get some shots...but maybe only follow a few of these ruless haha. ENJOY LADIES.

Here are the rules: FIRST OFF GET THE MOVIE....thennnnn

Drink 1 whenever:
-There is a "jungle madness" thing
- Cady talks about Africa or the animal world
- The burn book is pictured or mentioned
- The word fetch is said.
- The "Plastics" are mentioned as a group
- Every time Coach Carr is shown
- When Regina says anything mean about someone
-They allude to Janice being a lesbian (even if she cuts them off)
-They mention being hit by a bus, or almost get hit by a bus, or get hit by a bus.
-There is a 3-way (or 4-way) calling attack
-Cady does something mean to Regina
- "Too gay to function" is brought up
- When the word Mathleates is said...or math in general

Drink a significant amount....
- When Cady mom says "You Love Lady Smith Black Mambazo"
- When Cady puts the tribal vases under the sink and when they are discovered by her mom
- When Jason says "Take your top off"
- Jingle Bell Rock Dance
-When "The Girls Have Gone Wild!"
- "She Doesn't Even Go Here" is said.

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