Monday, January 9, 2012

You Know How To Love Me Hard, I Won't Lie I'm Falling Hard

1. Car Mar Brown Jeans from LF
2. Millau Green Fringe Poncho from LF
3. Shearling Booties from Dorothy Perkins
4. Cheetah Scarf from a store in Sunriver Oregon Mall
5. Grey Long-Sleeve from Forever 21

So much for keeping up with my blog as my new years resolution....Once I am back at school it will be easier for me PROMISE! As for now...I am sick as a dog. :( Recovery day spent keeping up with my Pintrest, Lookbook, Tumblr, Twitter, FB!! Add me! xoxo



  1. Great outfit, love those booties!

    Hope you had a great New Year!

  2. I rarely see people looking this cute in the snow. Love your style!!

  3. cute look hun!

    check out my blog!!